Milk and Butter LLC Donates 1876 USDC to Its Partnered Charities

Milk and Butter LLC
2 min readFeb 23, 2022



On February 8th, Milk and Butter LLC donated 1876 USDC to its non-profit partners. Food For Life Global earned 64.2% of the votes receiving 1204.4 USDC, Action Against Hunger earned 23.7% of the votes receiving 444.6 USDC, and Good360 earned 12.1% of the votes receiving 227 USDC. Token holders vote on how they want the accrued donations to be allocated by visiting the official voting page.

This is the second charitable donation since the migration to the new and improved Milk and Butter token.

In response to the donation Action Against Hunger tweeted: “We’re excited to share that @milkbuttertoken has hit a new level of #crypto support in the fight against hunger. Thanks for helping us get one step closer to our mission to end hunger for everyone, for good.”

Good360 also tweeted out it’s appreciation via Twitter: “Amazing! With Good360‘s ability to amplify funds, a $227 USDC #crypto donation will help us move over $11,000 worth of product into communities that need them. Thanks for helping us #CloseTheNeedGap!”

The next charity poll is now live for user’s to vote and claim their free voting NFT. Token holders should visit to get started.

$500,000 has been donated to charity since Milk and Butter LLC’s launch on 3/30/21. The token works by utilizing a fee on every transaction. A portion of that fee is sent to the “Charity Wallet” where holders can then vote on the allocation of funds to partnered non-profits Food for Life Global, Action Against Hunger and Good360.

See also the special holiday charity stream that showcased the alpha version of the upcoming Milk and Butter game.

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The Milk and Butter token is a fun way for token holders to give back to society. Charity fees are collected on every transaction.