Milk and Butter LLC Introduces a New Member of the Team


Dominguez will be acting as Community Liaison to better help and engage the Milk and Butter holders. The community can look forward to events, giveaways and more in 2022. On 1/18/22 Dominguez hosted the first “Community Game Night”, something that will become a regular event. He says, “I joined the Milk and Butter project because I felt passionate about the work they are doing with assisting those who do not have easy access to food. The charitable giving to such a worthy cause proves this group is one that anyone would be lucky to be involved with. The additional enthusiasm for gaming makes for an exciting time to join in this growing group. I’m excited to see how many more individuals we can help through charity.”

The aforementioned gaming has been a planned featured for a while, but only recently has gameplay been revealed. A playable version for holders is expected to release near the end of Q1.

$500,000 has been donated to charity since Milk and Butter LLC’s launch on 3/30/21. The token works by utilizing a fee on every transaction. A portion of that fee is sent to the “Charity Wallet” where holders can then vote on the allocation of funds to partnered non-profits Food for Life Global, Action Against Hunger and Good360.

See also the special holiday charity stream that showcased the alpha version of the upcoming Milk and Butter game.

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Milk and Butter LLC

The Milk and Butter token is a fun way for token holders to give back to society. Charity fees are collected on every transaction.