Milk and Butter LLC Kicks Off the New Year with a Token Migration

Milk and Butter LLC
2 min readJan 10, 2022


On January 1st, the liquidity for both Milk token and Butter token unlocked. The core team used this as an opportunity to combine both tokens into one singular coin called the Milk and Butter token. There is ten percent in total fees. Five percent to charity, three percent to expenses, one percent to auto liquidity, and one percent to reflection.

This new token can now be purchased on Pancakeswap. Any holders of the previous tokens can migrate in five easy steps using the migration page. CEO Christian Claypool says, “We chose to migrate our coins into one in order to provide an easier user experience, meet security needs that had been suggested by third parties, and address issues that could (and previously had) hinder the progress of the project. With our one token, we are able to do so much more and provide a much smoother experience to our old holders and new holders alike.”

The old coins will no longer be supported by Milk and Butter LLC, so the core team highly recommends migrating in order to access any upcoming features. CTO Spencer Hayward says, “This easy five step process makes it possible for all holders of Milk and Butter to quickly migrate to the Milk and Butter token. This makes our token migration incredibly simple and offers a stress-free transition for holders.” Holders can find the migration page on the Milk and Butter token website here. If any users seem to find an issue migrating their tokens, there is a Google form available to fill out here. The core team reviews the form daily and will help out with any potential problems.

In order to go over important information about the migration and to answer community questions, the core team also held a migration AMA live stream. This stream also introduced a new member to the team: Alberto Dominguez, Community Liaison. Be sure to follow the official Milk and Butter Twitch to catch future live streams and participate in AMAs.

The Milk and Butter token can be found on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

$485,000 has been donated to charity since Milk and Butter LLC’s launch on 3/30/21. The token works by utilizing a fee on every transaction. A portion of that fee is sent to the “Charity Wallet” where holders can then vote on the allocation of funds to partnered non-profits Food for Life Global, Action Against Hunger and Good360.

See also the special holiday charity stream that showcased the alpha version of the upcoming Milk and Butter game.

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Milk and Butter LLC

The Milk and Butter token is a fun way for token holders to give back to society. Charity fees are collected on every transaction.