Milk and Butter LLC Provides First Look at Alpha Version of Upcoming NFT Game During Holiday Stream

Milk and Butter LLC
2 min readJan 3, 2022



Milk and Butter LLC has had a successful year since its conception in March. To celebrate such a promising first year, the core team hosted a special holiday charity stream. During this stream the team answered community questions and showcased the Milk and Butter game in its early build.

CEO Christian Claypool revealed exciting details about how NFTs will be useable in the game: “Everything that you do in the game is tokenizable, all the way down to your character. If you want to be a character designer you can do that. From player homes, to different asset libraries, to making mini-games. Everything will be fully integrated into our NFT marketplace”.

Players can continue to put NFTs on the marketplace directly or use the game to create a virtual store. Players will be able to buy, sell, and trade items in game while everything on the backend will continue to use the NFT marketplace with Milk and Butter tokenomics.

This stream marked the completion of the final major goal listed on the 2021 roadmap: Having a playable version of the upcoming game. This follows a long list of achieved goals throughout the year. The most recent goals being the revamped NFT marketplace and website.

You can watch the full video of the holiday stream here.

$485,000 has been donated to charity since Milk and Butter LLC’s launch on 3/30/21. The token works by utilizing a fee on every transaction. A portion of that fee is sent to the “Charity Wallet” where holders can then vote on the allocation of funds to partnered non-profits Food for Life Global, Action Against Hunger and Good360.

See also the video of the work being done in Nepal that premiered on the Milk and Butter YouTube channel.

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The Milk and Butter token is a fun way for token holders to give back to society. Charity fees are collected on every transaction.